Turn To surrogate360.com for Hope and Help

For couples who want a child – their own child, there is no greater disappointment than month after month failing to get pregnant. I know, I was one of those women. Where do you start when this happens? I started with my OBGYN, Obstetric - Gynecologist, who performed a number of tests. My husband had his sperm tasted for motility, quality and number. The lab also tested for HIV, sperm morphology, which is the percentage of normal shaped sperm.

He passed his test – I failed.

At first I was overwhelmed with guilt and disappointment. Guilt gave way to the desire to learn as much as I could on the subject. With my husband having excellent sperm, we only needed preparation for artificial insemination by a sperm bank. It would be impossible for me to carry a baby to term. Plus, I didn’t want my child to be saddled with the same genetic problems I have, becoming an egg recipient was out of the question. I needed a young, healthy surrogate. That’s when I discovered surrogate360.com

They were everything I needed; an egg donor agency and they even offered a sperm bank. I found a wealth of information on how to obtain a surrogate mother for our child. They offer compelling reasons for obtaining a lawyer who practices surrogacy law, not out of mistrust of the surrogate mother but rather to ensure our rights. They also advised having the surrogate mother use her own lawyer.

Surrogate360 also offers assistance in the process of selecting a surrogate mother, an egg donor, sperm donor and more. The role of an egg donor agency is having experienced staff search their large pool of donors and match your preference of attributes such as hair and eye color, education or family heritage. They laid out the complete path to get us through this complicated process – we’d be lost without them. Here's to a healthy, happy baby.