Why you need an attorney before signing a surrogacy contract

Did you know that in Canada, the law prohibits paying the surrogate? However, there are some other expenses that you will cover. Surrogacy is a process where someone agrees to carry somebody else's pregnancy through implantation of an embryo. Surrogate, therefore, is the mother carrying the pregnancy; she decides to carry the pregnancy. 

Use of such technology is on the rise, especially in western countries due to increasing cases of infertility, availability of the necessary technology, increase in same sex marriages, and family planning among other trends. 

The parties involved in a surrogate agreement enter into a surrogacy agreement/contract. This agreement lays bare the terms and the expenses of the contract.

While all this process may be good news for most families, the surrogacy laws can be extremely complicated to comprehend; hence you will need a surrogate lawyer, parties, surrogate mother or intended parent and the egg donor. 

The surrogate surrogate lawyer surrogate mother intended parent will provide consultations during the drafting of the contract. They represent your legal needs, either the surrogate mom or the donor.

You should never agree to enter into such contracts without an attorney, why? Here are the reasons;

• With a surrogate lawyer, you will have an intermediary in case of disputes that might arise between you and the other party during pregnancy.

• An attorney will help you draft and comprehend terms of surrogacy contracts. He will help you highlight crucial areas and unforeseen issues that might arise during and after the pregnancy. Each state has its laws concerning this process so that you will need an experienced hand.

• Surrogacy technology is a complicated issue when it comes to defining the rightful mother of the kid. But with a surrogate lawyer surrogate mother intended parent won't later blackmail you. Parental rights and relationships of both parties concerning the kid will be clear.

• Screening before the implant must be conducted with an experienced team. This where the attorney comes in, he might be having established connections who can help you perform the process efficiently. The screening process includes ascertaining whether the potential surrogate mother is fit, psychologically and in health to carry someone else baby.

• An experienced attorney will help you handle the expenses issue if this is your first time. He likely knows the cost range, helping avoid pressure and exploitations.

In conclusion, it is important to have deep conversation and agreement between both parties before entering into surrogacy contract. Timing also is an important aspect, conclude everything before conception process.