Become a Sperm Donor

Become a Sperm Donor

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There are many couples and aspiring single mothers out there who need a donor’s sperm to help them start the family they want. Donating sperm is a way that you can help these families achieve their goal and earn some money at the same time.


Of course, there are some requirements for sperm donors. A donor will undergo multiple health screenings. In fact, many centers seeking men to donate sperm, tout these screenings as a benefit of the process. Donor requirements will vary from facility to facility, but most require that you be between the ages of 18 and 39, educated, and healthy.


The health screenings will include a routine physical, sexually transmitted disease panels, semen analysis, drug screenings, and testing for genetic abnormalities. Most, but not all, clinics require their donors to agree to donate once or twice a week for a specified period of time once they have been accepted into their donation program. This period is generally for either six months or a year, as the health screening and sexually transmitted disease testing must be completed every six months.


Most clinics prefer their donors to be at least 5’8’’, however, this may not be a strict requirement for non-white donors. Non-white donors are in increasingly high demand so a somewhat shorter donor may be acceptable for some clinics. Nearly all clinics require some proof of post-secondary education, be it college or a technical school diploma.


The amount of compensation a sperm donor receives varies depending on location, race, and demand, but on average sperm donors bring in approximately $1,500 a month if they donate once or twice per week. The way donors get paid also varies from clinic to clinic. Some clinics don’t pay anything until the sperm has been frozen for six months and then thawed. Some clinics pay the following month for the previous month’s donations, and other clinics pay every other week.


In addition to the health screenings involved with becoming a sperm donor, most clinics also require you to complete a biography of sorts so that potential parents can get to know you, so to speak. They won’t know your name, most clinics use identification numbers, but they will be able to see a picture of you. Some clinics even ask for a short video introduction where you can share some of your interests and accomplishments.


Sperm donors need to be extremely healthy, so your height and weight should be proportionate, and you should have no known genetic conditions. You can’t smoke tobacco or marijuana during the period of time you are a donor, and most clinics require a drug screen with each donation.


Donating your sperm so that a couple who wants a family has a chance to conceive is an act of compassion and generosity that they will remember for the rest of their lives. You will forever have a starring role in their dream of having the family that they have always wanted.