Egg Dоnаtіоn - Los Angeles

Egg Dоnаtіоn - Los Angeles

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If you're interested in becoming an egg donor, it makes sense to go where the intended parents are going. California's favorable laws have made it a popular destination for those who need help building their family.    

Prospective parents come from all over the U.S., and even overseas, often flying into and out of Los Angeles International Airport. Los Angeles is a major hub for entertainment and tourism with activity in the financial, tech, medical, and legal industries. A city this large can handle multiple egg donor agencies, egg donor banks, and fertility clinics and Los Angeles doesn't disappoint. These options are empowering and allow the donor to check out the staff and policies to determine who she wants to work with.  

When it comes to selecting an egg donor, the donor's ethnic, religious, and cultural background weigh heavily with many prospective parents. Some go a step further and prefer to use the eggs from a woman who most closely resembles the mother-to-be, which includes seeking a donor with the closest skin tone, eye color, and hair color. It probably sounds daunting to imagine yourself ticking all those boxes, but with such a large population of prospective parents and a group with this much diversity, odds are good that you'll meet someone's criteria. This means it might take less time for an agency to match you with prospective parents. That's less time waiting and more time getting on with the process.  

Currently, there is no cap on an egg donor's compensation in California. The fertility companies in Los Angeles offer some of the most competitive rates and that's just for your firs- time average donor. "Proven donors" and those with highly desirable qualities command an even higher fee. Egg donors who are conventionally beautiful and those who have earned highly competitive athletic awards are snapped up quickly. There's also a growing demand for egg donors with Asian lineage who scored well on tests like the ACT and SAT. More demand means better pay. Prospective parents who flock to an agency in Los Angeles are usually high earners who can afford to pay for what they want. It's a lucrative market for donors.  

Even though egg donor banks, fertility clinics, and agencies offer competitive monetary rewards in Los Angeles, have you ever noticed how much they charge and wondered why you weren't getting a bigger cut?  After all, without you and others like you, none of this would even happen. You're the one missing work or school to meet appointments, you're the one answering invasive questions, and you're the one taking hormonal injections and putting your health and future fertility at risk. Well, a large pool of prospective parents who are ethnically and culturally diverse means that it is easier to bypass the agency and work as an independent egg donor. If you don't mind doing some of the legwork and feel comfortable contacting prospective parents, it can pay off. The internet has made it easier to locate people who need your services. It's important to be safe about it and you'll need a lawyer to create the contract, but there's no reason to believe an egg donor must have a third-party to facility the arrangement.   

Sadly, there are men and women who are unable to produce children without medical intervention and assistance from egg donors. If you're interested in helping these people and want to work with fertility specialists with decades of experience under their belts, then becoming an egg donor in Los Angeles might be for you.   

  • F Addams

    May 31, 2017

    The compensation that most egg donors receive would be enough of an incentive for a lot of women out there, but I wonder why most don't donate at least once in their lives - even if only to help another woman who cannot have her own children.

  • Shawna D

    June 3, 2017

    I think some of it has to do with people's preconceived notions that the process is painful, and some of it has to do with the strict requirements that they have for donors and surrogates. For instance, I read that they don't accept people who are overweight. Well, why can't they donate their eggs, or be a surrogate, if it has been proven that they can produce perfectly healthy babies?

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