Iѕ It Hаrd to Gіvе Uр A Surrogate Bаbу?

Iѕ It Hаrd to Gіvе Uр A Surrogate Bаbу?

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The question on any first-time potential surrogate mother’s mind is, “Will it be difficult to give up the baby after it is born? Every woman is different, of course, so there is no universal answer to that question. Being able to give a baby to a deserving couple is an incredible gift, and, no, not every woman is capable of doing it, but there are many who are.  

Ideally, a candidate for surrogacy will have already completed her own family. If she has already completed her own family, she can look at what she is doing for you kind of like extended babysitting. Really extended babysitting, but you get the idea. The job of the surrogate is to protect the baby while it is growing inside of her and to safely deliver the child when it’s time.  

It is unlikely that any woman could go through this process without having some feelings towards the child that she is carrying. However, most surrogates develop a deep bond with the intended parents during the months they spend carrying their child, and that is the relationship they find themselves missing the most. Sharing a pregnancy with a couple is a very emotional experience for all of the parties involved, and it is very natural for the surrogate mother to miss that bond after the baby has been delivered.  

In the case of gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother has no biological connection to the child that she is carrying for the intended parents. This may make it easier for the surrogate when it comes time to relinquish the baby to the intended parents. Even when the baby is biologically connected to the surrogate via the egg, also known as traditional surrogacy, the relationship with the intended parents is so close that there is no difficulty in giving the baby to his or her intended parents.  

Many people mistakenly compare being a surrogate for a couple to giving a baby up for adoption. They are completely different animals and should not be compared. When a mother is choosing whether or not to give up her biological child for adoption, it is an extremely emotional decision and an act of love. Making a decision about whether or not you are the person best suited to raise your child or if you should give the baby to another couple is extremely difficult. Giving that child away once the decision has been made is extremely difficult, and there may be regrets.  

Surrogacy is completely different. The surrogate mother voluntarily gives up her body and her time to help a childless couple bring a child into the world. The surrogate mother has her eyes wide open to what will happen when the baby is born and knows that when she leaves the hospital, she will do so without the baby 

Being a surrogate will surely change your life and you will certainly have fond memories of the intended parents and the time you spent together. You will find yourself wondering how those babies you carried are growing up, and many times the intended parents and surrogates stay in contact with each other. Don’t let the fear of giving the baby to the intended parents stop you from considering being a surrogate mother.  

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