IVF - Prісе Shоuldn't Hоld Back Yоur Dream of Pаrеnthооd

IVF - Prісе Shоuldn't Hоld Back Yоur Dream of Pаrеnthооd

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When people first look at the rough draft of how much ivitro fertilization costs, they tend to shy away. “There is no way I can pay for that,” is the first thought of many people. There are a multitude of different payment options available, though, that range from online to the traditional.  

The most obvious method is to pay out-of-pocket. If, for example, the treatments are on the low end and a patient can pay it all themselves, that simplifies matters a great deal. If they can only pay a portion out-of-pocket with the rest having to come from other sources, there are options.  

Insurance is the first place many people look to for a supplement payment. Look over the policy closely to see if they pay for procedures such as this and, if they do, what would the deductible be. Take all those numbers down and put them to the side.  

From there, look at your 401k or other financial instrument such as that to see how much there is to withdraw. See if there are any early withdrawal penalties and reasons you can choose to avoid those penalties. Financial hardship is one such reason, but see if there are any medically based reasons. Remember too, that if you are looking to supplement self-pay, you do not necessarily need to withdraw everything you have.  

Another option to look at would be family members. Some might be more than willing to help out with this because the end result, of course, would be an addition to the family. If this is a large family with extended members, then they can get a “pool” of sorts going so one or two people are not helping too much. The same reasoning can be applied to co-workers.  

There are also crowd-sourcing options online that could potentially fund the entire process. This option may have to be more thought-out, detailed, and time consuming than the other options. More times than not, there needs to be a backstory involved that gets potential financial donors personally invested in your cause. There are many giving individuals out there, but they want to know that this is a good cause. In order for that to happen, you have to “let them in,” so to speak. Sell the details of why this is important to you, your family, and possibly even to the community in which you live.  

You would also want to give them promises of constant updates when a new portion of the procedure is started and finished. People have been known to bilk kind-hearted people on crowd-sourcing sites because they can. You will want to assure them that this won't happen to them. People also have been known to only ask for donations of this nature only when one procedure is finished, and another is due soon. Stating those intentions in advance is sure to put potential financial donors at ease.  

So, take heart, this can be done. Money may be an issue, but it does not need to mean the end of the road. Think outside the box.  


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