Loss of Reproductive Organs and the Surrogacy Contract

Loss of Reproductive Organs and the Surrogacy Contract

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There are many jobs that offer employees accidental death and dismemberment insurance. These jobs typically have duties involved that are considered high-risk, which is why employers offer the option. Many people see being a surrogate parent as a job, which it technically is, and the main function of the “job” is also high-risk.

Any mother can tell you of the possible complications and physical damage that a pregnancy can cause, and the emotional as well as physical toll it can take. This is why the insurance that a surrogate mother gets in order to cover her will more than likely have a “loss” clause. This clause will make sure the surrogate mother is financially compensated should she suffer loss of any of her reproductive organs to the point where she cannot get pregnant or will not be able to carry a fetus to term.

While this does not happen often, it does happen. If a woman plans to do this more than a few times, reproductive loss will negatively affect her future earning abilities in this regard. If she only plans to do this once then that is even more daunting. We cannot truly put a dollar amount on a loss of this nature, so the surrogate mother, should this happen to her, would be compensated the full amount as dictated by the contract she signs beforehand.

This amount, invariably, will take into account the woman’s health, health history, her at-risk rating based on those factors and age, as well as her family history as it pertains to this. Just like any other insurance policy, this policy takes the health aspects into consideration in order to determine the financials of the policy and, ultimately, the contract.

The other factor that will be taken into consideration, the potential loss of earnings on the part of the surrogate mother, realizes that some of these women have jobs while they are doing this. They perform their job until they are almost to term, so in the event of the loss of reproductive organs, bed-rest will more than likely be prescribed which means she will have to be out of work and out of wages for a period of time. It also means that any future surrogacy “jobs” will be out of the question.

The details of this type of financial information are typically kept on a need-to-know basis as the possibility of loss of reproductive organs is very slim. Therefore, there is little need to bring this up as it might cause undue tension in the surrogate mother.

The intended parents, however, will more than likely be informed of the financial details of this as the monies are coming out of their pocket. They will also be the ones feeling a financial loss should the surrogate mother suffer some sort of reproductive loss anytime during the term of the pregnancy. This is a chance they take, though. They know the chance is there, but they are willing to take it for the sake of adding to their family. 

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