Making the Decision to Become a Surrogate

Making the Decision to Become a Surrogate

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The decision to become a surrogate mother is not one that should be taken lightly; it should be done after a lot of careful consideration. Surrogacy is a way for a woman to share the gift of her fertility with a couple who might not otherwise be able to have a child of their own. There are many aspects of surrogacy that you should look into before you make your final decision, and a lot of information can be found online. 

If you choose to, you can sign up with a surrogacy center and they will provide you with all of the information you needand guide you through the process. You can also choose to go through with surrogacy on your own if you find a couple that you are willing to work with. However, before you sign up with an agency or enter into a contract with a private individual for surrogacy services, you need to find a local surrogacy attorney to make sure that everything is in order. If you choose not to go with an agency, a surrogacy attorney can also introduce you to couples who are looking for potential surrogate mothers. 

After making the decision to become a surrogate, you need to decide what type of surrogacy you are interested in. There are two different types of surrogacy you can choose: traditional and gestational. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother uses her own eggs and the sperm of the intended father. With gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is not biologically related to the child that she is carrying. The eggs of the intended mother, or a donor, are fertilized by the sperm of the intended father, or a donor, and then they are implanted into the uterus of the surrogate through in vitro fertilization

There are many couples who are searching for a surrogate, so in all likelihood it won't take you very long to find a couple excited to get started on the surrogacy journey with you. Once both parties have agreed to move forward with the surrogacy, your surrogacy attorney will need to draw up legal paperwork and after both parties have signed, you can begin your journey into surrogacy. 

After an agreement has been reached by both parties, a period of testing will begin. These tests are just to ensure that you are healthy enough to carry a pregnancy to term. There may also be some counseling and mental health screenings that will have to be completed before the surrogacy medical team will sign off on the process. After the testing is complete, the doctors will decide the next steps. Some doctors require the surrogate mother to go through a practice cycle and others will go ahead with implantation. 

Becoming a surrogate is a selfless act of love and compassion that will enrich your own life throughout the process. You are giving a couple something that they want more than anything a chance to have a child and become a family. That's a powerful thing, that will change not only your life but the lives of others forever. 

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