My Surrogacy Journey

My Surrogacy Journey

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 My Surrogacy Journey

]When I first started looking for a surrogate I was scared and overwhelmed. It had taken me years of trying to get pregnant before I finally got pregnant, miscarried, and subsequently gave up on the old fashioned way. I understood that my body wasn't doing what I wanted it to, but I still believed in my heart that I was meant to be a mother. I jumped on my computer and started searching for alternative options and found myself facing a lot of very serious decisions. Reading about gave me peace of mind and soon I was meeting with people who understood my struggle and made feel safe and important. My life was important to them; my journey was important to them. Their ability to really see me and distinguish my personal needs from the rest of their clients finally helped me relax completely. Using surrogacy changed my life for the better. Now, thanks to an amazing woman who was able to help stand in my place to create my beautiful Daughter, Lainey, I am the happiest momma alive! I may not have been able to carry my daughter, but my surrogate and the company made sure to keep me updated with every new development of my baby girl so that it was never like I was a side character. I got to be there for every major development in my baby's life. From the first minute I held her in my arms and she yawned and stretched her soft, pink, little arms at me I knew that she knew exactly who her Momma was. I used to feel cursed for not being able to bear my own children, but today I feel blessed to have had the wonderful experience of growing with my child and her surrogate together.
  • Kristin L

    May 21, 2017

    I'm happy to hear that you are satisfied with surrogacy and are blessed with a beautiful daughter. It warms my heart to imagine how surrogacy saved families who used to fight because of this problem. It's an excellent example of how technology improves our lives.

  • Sarah Rogers

    May 30, 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing such a private thing. Seeing all the families together this Memorial Day, really drove home how much we want to be parents. Your words really hit home.

  • F Addams

    May 30, 2017

    What a wonderful testimony. I have no doubt that this agency can deliver all it promises and more, but it's still great to hear how they have changed other people's lives all over the world.

  • Anna Kingston

    June 6, 2017

    Wonderful story! I am so happy that everything worked out for you. I know that it is sometimes hard for people to come to the realization that their bodies aren't able to do what it is supposed to do, and I am so glad that you were able to find someone to help you become a mother. Surrogacy is a beautiful thing!

  • Shawna D

    June 6, 2017

    It is so great that women are willing to become surrogates for others in need. I am always amazed that people could have such beautiful, selfless hearts. It takes a very special person to offer their body as a vessel for someone else to be able to enjoy the gift of parenthood. Kudos to your surrogate!

  • Lisa Abram

    August 12, 2018

    Hey, i hope you are doing well. I am so happy for you i swear. I am so glad that things finally worked out for you. surrogacy is no doubt a very efficient and safe procedure.I am an infertile also. I have been dealing with it since 8 years. Journey was hard. I was struggling with TTC in last 8 year. But nothing worked out. I also planned for surrogacy few months back. And i found a clinic L***s in europe on facebook. I contacted them through emails. As the clinic is so far. i wanted to get some information before visiting them. But they didn't reply. I kept on emailing them for two months. But no response at all. Choosing surrogacy wasn't so hard. Btu choosing the right clinic is. I am so disappointed with their this attitude. I don't know why they ignored my emails. They are scammers. I am never gonna contact them again. Hoping to find a clinic for my surrogacy soon.

  • Monika David

    August 17, 2018

    Hey I want to share my infertility journey here as well. I was diagnosed with a poor ovarian reserve with low amh levels and high fsh levels. The doctors told me that the chances of success of even IVF were very similar to that of conceiving naturally low. This meant they were very low. I really got dissapointed. Now, my doctors are suggesting that I should consider the option of DE. This is something I am really confused about. I am not sure if it will work for us or not. I also suffer from an eating disorder. This makes things a lot harder. I just hope that I am soon able to find a solution. If there is anyone here with a similar problem that knows a solution do tell me. I am truly concerned about my life. I am not sure where it is taking me. Do pray for us.

  • Emmagalon Watson

    August 18, 2018

    Hi dear. I am so happy for you. You have truly shown courage. Give yourself a thumbs up. You deserve it. Trying, again and again, is the great thing. When I was told that I could not conceive a baby naturally. I was really shocked. But I did not give up. At last, I became a mother through Surrogacy.