Sperm Bank Cost

Sperm Bank Cost

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A person in the market for donor sperm has more options today than ever before. While that can make it easier to choose exactly what they want, the number of choices available make it a little harder to narrow down the field. And with those extra choices also comes the varying prices for said sperm. Some main varying factors include:

• Location of the sperm bank relative to the benefactor's location

• Whether the donor is anonymous or not

• The sperm bank itself and the fees they charge


You could also factor in details such as the precise location of the bank and how that is relative to their overhead costs and how much they have to pass that cost on to the benefactors of donated sperm, but that would really be splitting hairs. The distinction of a facility is the one factor most people look at, and they typically don't go further than this type of detail. How long they have been in business, their business location, and the reviews of both customers and peers is the key information. When all of these factors are top-notch, so too will the fees for their services be.


Know that the price of donated sperm will almost never exceed $1,500 U.S. This is just the base price, however. If you live far away from the bank that has what you need, that base price helps determine the total price due to shipping costs. Just to clarify, these costs are for the sperm itself and do not include the procedure of, say, IVF. Knowing the prices of sperm from a sperm bank can help in the calculation of the total cost of the procedure. This also does not include the possibility of coming back for a second donation if the first one did not result in a pregnancy.


Couples also have the option of picking a private donor who they themselves have chosen. Going this route and not “off the rack,” as it were, is going to be more costly. Think of a tailor-made suit. It is more costly than just going to a store and picking out something that fits in a general way. When specifics are called for, it raises the price.


When men go to a bank in order to donate, they have the option of remaining anonymous to anyone who wants the product the bank has to offer. They do this for a number of personal reasons, but the end result is that anonymous donations end up costing less for the benefactor. If, however, a donor doesn't care if they are known or not, they will be given a series of questions that give a more detailed insight into the personal characteristics of said donor. This typically helps would-be parents decide if the by-product of that sperm, the child, will be a good fit for them and their family.


All in all, this portion of the entire procedure of starting a family with the IVF method is not all that costly. $800 to $1,500 is a small price to pay to start a family.


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