Why Surrogacy Is Preferred

Why Surrogacy Is Preferred

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Oftentimes infertile couples will find themselves left with the choice between adoption and surrogacy. Adoption is a wonderful option and gives a deserving child a home with a family that loves them. However, adoption can be a difficult process and there are many legalities involved. Adopting in the United States can be an arduous process, and there are a lot of hoops to jump through with home studies, interviews, background checks, and more. Some couples try to adopt a child from another country for these reasons, but many countries are closing the door on out-of-country adoptions. There are also some incidents where the birth mother of an adopted child may change her mind which can be devastating to the adoptive family. 

One of the main reasons that surrogacy is considered by infertile couples is because of genetics. If they choose a surrogate mother then one or both of the intended parents can provide genetic material for the baby. The surrogate mother can have an embryo implanted that consists of the intended mother's egg that has been fertilized by the intended father's sperm. If the intended father cannot donate sperm for some reason then donor sperm can be chosen, and the embryo implanted will still have the egg provided from the intended mother. If the intended mother is unable to provide an egg for fertilization, the surrogate can provide the egg and it can be fertilized with the intended father's sperm. This way the child has a biological connection to one or both of the intended parents. 

Once the decision is made to use a surrogate instead of adopting, you must decide how you are going to find a surrogate. You can certainly go through the process on your own and find a surrogate. There are websites and online groups that are designed to help potential surrogates connect with intended parents. The only problem with going on your own is the unfortunate possibility that you can be fleeced out of a lot of money by a con artist. While it is sad that anyone would toy with the emotions of prospective parents and steal their money, it is something that you need to consider before going out on your own. If you do intend to find a surrogate by yourself, make sure to also find an attorney who has experience working with surrogates and intended parents. 

If you choose to find a surrogate mother through an agency, it may cost a little more than finding one on your own, but you have the added benefit of working with someone who has experience with this process. An agency will be able to help you find a surrogate that fits your needs and they are knowledgeable about all of the testing that needs to be done first, as well as the legalities involved in the process. An agency can also counsel you and provide support as you go through the process of choosing a surrogate, the implantation process, and the pregnancy. 

For couples who are unable to have a child on their own, both adoption and surrogacy are viable options for growing their family. Both surrogacy and adoption have their pros and cons and one thing they both seem to have in common is finding just the right person, either a surrogate or a mom looking to give her baby up for adoption. No matter which option you choose at the end of the day, the goal is still the same - a beautiful baby to love and cherish.  

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