Understanding What is Included in a Surrogate Mother’s Cost

Understanding What is Included in a Surrogate Mother’s Cost

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The fertility industry is booming and advances in technology have allowed people to complete their families through non-traditional methods such as surrogacy. While it's wonderful to have options, the surrogacy process is costly and isn't something to take lightly.

If you're unable to get pregnant or carry a baby to term for any reason, you might need to hire a surrogate mother. The most basic definition of a surrogate mother is a woman who carries a baby for someone else either through artificial insemination or the implantation of an embryo. The baby may be biologically related to one, both, or neither of the intended parents which is usually based on their fertility needs. Likewise, the baby may or may not be biologically related the surrogate mother.   

It's no easy feat for the surrogate mother to undergo fertility treatments, get pregnant with your child, carry the baby to term, drive to and from prenatal appointments, keep up communication with you, and go through hard labor to bring your child into the world. A surrogate mother expects to be compensated for this time that's taken away from her job and her own family, as well as the wear and tear on her body. Compensation for the surrogate mother is a separate fee and does not include any of her medical or legal expenses. It is largely determined by the surrogate's desirability, whether she is expected to carry multiples, and state law. It's possible to save money if you have a relative or close friend who will act as your surrogate for a nominal fee. Of course, taking this avenue can create new problems that you wouldn't otherwise face, so it's best to consider all the possible ramifications beforehand.  

One of the most dependable ways to find a compatible surrogate mother is through a surrogacy agency. Typically, these agencies maintain databases of healthy women who are available to act as surrogate mothers. These women usually have at least one biological child of their own borne from a healthy pregnancy. More detailed information is also kept on file about the women, such as their height and weight, ethnicity, hair and eye color, state residence, whether they are willing to travel, and photographs.You have to pay to use a surrogacy agency, but it's often worth the price as it can keep you from getting catfished or otherwise financially scammed. Working with an agency can also provide the necessary buffer between you and your surrogate mother should an issue arise. 

Additionally, a reputable agency will likely have an itemized list of fees and will guide you through the surrogacy process from start to finish. Why does that matter? Well, if you've ever tried to reserve a hotel room online, you've probably been surprised by the final amount due. That's because additional fees are tacked on at the very end, so the listing price is significantly cheaper than what you're actually expected to pay. Since it's frustrating when that happens when you're just reserving a room, imagine how much more detrimental it will be when paying for surrogacy and thousands of dollars are at stake. Working with a surrogacy agency means you're more likely to get the information upfront and in a timely manner. 


Many people wishing to become parents struggle with infertility. It causes worry, pain, and feelings of loss. Thankfully, these men and women aren't forced to give up their dreams of parenthood since they can create their ideal family through surrogacy. The sooner the hopeful parents know what services are needed, the sooner they can start putting money away towards making it happen. 

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