Surrogacy occurs when a woman willingly swaps her role as the biological mother of a child. It occurs when she decides to put to bed with the intention of letting go of the child or giving away the baby for other couples to raise. The woman involved is called a surrogate.

Surrogacy is said to occur whenever embryos that are generated by the future parents and eggs gotten from the future mother, or in some cases, someone willing to donate her eggs, are embedded in the surrogate. The embryo is formed through a procedure labeled as In vitro fertilization (IVF). It is expected that the surrogate mother meets standard requirements of a surrogate.

This whole process is overwhelming and can be very tasking especially when you have to look for a suitable agency. It is at this point we get involved. We provide a platform for you to meet with available surrogates and egg donor. We do this by providing you an online login details i.e., we create a profile for you on the internet

We are regarded as the best agency because we allow you the freedom of picking a surrogate for yourself, have a word or two with her, confirm if you are both compatible before assisting you with the whole process. Basically, we do our job for the love of it. We do not just want you to spend your hard earned cash blindly that is why we always insist that you verify that you are compatible with the surrogate you have chosen. It is our pride and happiness to help future parents make the perfect match.

If you decide to continue with us after verifying your compatibility with the surrogate, we’ll give you a complete timeline to keep you in the know, as to what to expect and when to expect it. We also offer assistance in the process of selecting an egg donor, if that’s your wish. We also help you in arranging meetings with your egg donor if you desire to meet with or speak with them. However, this is done at the convenience of the preferred egg donor.

We offer similar care to your Egg Donor and Surrogate as well and that is the reason we can boast of great ladies at work with us. We operate a support group every month that helps serve as an avenue for your surrogate to meet current surrogates just like her. This allows them interact and share knowledge. It also assists in broadening their knowledge of surrogacy. This is done to ensure that all surrogates do not feel abandoned all through their pregnancy. It also helps to keep them happy and confident for the nine month period.

Surrogates are a special people. It only takes a high level of generosity and kindheartedness to give away what is rightfully yours especially a child. It is not an easy thing to do. It requires an extraordinary human being to offer themselves so generously, and for the very fact you’re browsing through this indicates you might have the exceptional qualities needed to be a surrogate mother. As a surrogate, you not only affect the lives of the future parents and the baby. It gives you a high sense of pride and the delight and excitement you go through being a surrogate cannot be described or quantified. You will feel happy all through your life.

Another important reason why you should consider pitching your tents with us is that we always ensure that your egg donor and surrogate do not feel all by themselves, nor you. In case you’re unable to attend or unavailable for important meetings and you ask us to stand in for you we will gladly do so. We will also give you a lowdown of events and communicate with you what was said in the meeting with photo proofs. We will not be far from you all through the period of pregnancy and we would ensure all you need will be provided for you and at the appropriate time. We will also make sure you get information quickly on your Surrogate mother and how she is doing. We’ll stand by you and help you as you go through the entire process.