Intended Parents Guide

You are ready to become an intended parent. Whether you have had problems with conceiving, age is a factor, you are a single parent, or you are in a same gender relationship, you are not alone. There are many parents longing for a child who are unable to have one on their own. If you want to go a step beyond adoption by using your own eggs or sperm and need a surrogate mother, is here to help intended parents to begin their journey. You can learn how to save money with surrogacy and have a positive experience that will end with the day you bring your precious bundle of joy home.

Getting Started

Your first step will be finding your surrogacy provider. At, you will find everything you need to become an intended parent. Learn about the financial obligations that will be expected, legal requirements, and what you need to do in order to choose a woman who understands surrogacy and is prepared to carry your baby. When you come in for your first meeting with your surrogacy provider, you will go through an interview process to make sure that becoming an intended parent is truly what you want. You will also be able to be specific about your expectations in finding a special woman to help your baby develop and grow. will help you along the way.

Finding an Independent Surrogate is the Best Way to Go

When you choose a woman who is independent from an agency for surrogacy, you will learn how to save money with surrogacy as opposed to choosing an individual who is paid through an agency. You will also have greater control over who will carry your baby throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Surrogate360 will help you in your search. While a surrogate mother will not have any ties to your baby in the end, you need to choose someone who is a positive individual, a woman who embraces the role of helping you to build a family and make your dreams come true. You need someone who you get along with and can keep the lines of communication open with throughout this journey. You can be a part of the visits to the doctor. You may even be the birth coach when it is time for delivery of your baby. When you find an individual who is a good fit, you will find a partner in giving you your greatest gift.

Understanding the Legal Process

Once you choose to be intended parents, you will need to take care of legal requirements. The process involves more than finding a generous individual who is willing to carry your baby to term. You are going to need a surrogacy contract that is prepared by a lawyer. This will spell out all legal expectations for you and the woman who is your partner in surrogacy. One of the most important legal documents is a pre-birth order. This is legal documentation that designates the intended parents as the legal parents for the baby. The woman who has chosen to embrace surrogacy by carrying the baby will have no rights to the baby. Having this contract in place will protect you from the possibility of losing your baby. In addition, your legal documents will make sure everything is clear in concerns to payment and medical care for the woman who is carrying your child to term and delivering your baby.

Be Prepared Every Step of the Way

You can become an intended parent if that is your heart's desire, but you need to be prepared for the road ahead. With help from Surrogate360, you will have a definitive guide that will lead the way, step by step. Begin your quest to have a baby come into your life, one that truly is a part of you.